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All of which start with rubber manufacturers, the vast majority of rubber manufacturers fall into the tire making business, as this account for around 70% of all of the worlds natural rubber.

Other non-natural rubber are also being manufactured such as latex and synthetic rubber which is derived from photochemical sources. Natural rubber, in addition to being found in tires, is a great material to use for conveyor belts, windshield wipers, pretty much all marine products, and a number of other applications due to its physical properties.

These properties include exhibiting both the Mullins effect and the Payne effect. The Mullins effect has to do with the mechanical response that rubber has to the stress strain curve which is dependent on the maximum loading that the rubber has encountered previously.

The Payne effect also deals with the stress strain relationship of rubber in small deformations. Elasticity is perhaps the most known and sought after property of rubber, this elasticity changes based on how the rubber has been manufactured so it is important to be clear with your rubber manufacture with how you would like your material to be.

The elasticity of rubber is also dependent on the temperature of your application, when placed in an environment where temperatures are below freezing the overall elasticity is low while in extreme heat the elasticity is incredibly high.

Rubber is used in a number of manufacturing processes from rubber bonding to use in gaskets, extrusions and rubber molding processes.

Whatever your application requires, finding the right rubber manufacturer is the best first step to receiving the best extrusion, molding, gasket, o-rings, or any other rubber product you require.

It is important to relay your application and requirement to the rubber manufacturer so that they can fully utilize their knowledge and experience in order to provide you with the best rubber product possible for your application.

Rubber Manufacturers The manufacturing of rubber is something that has been going on for years and years, and has only grown as time has gone on. In fact, today about 25 million tonnes of rubber are produced every year and this rubber is produced for a wide range of applications and industries from automobile tires to tiny rubber gaskets.