Elastomer Molding

Elastomer molding offers a number of advantages such as improved cycle times, decreased excess materials and an overall better product. Elastomer molding is almost an art form which is why seeking out an experienced elastomer molding manufacturer can be so beneficial for your application.

Elastomers are used in a wide range of applications from medical devices to recreational uses such as snowmobile tracks and skateboard wheels. Recently, elastomer molding has been used to manufacture electrical cable jackets and insulation for electrical wires.

First off, there are a number of different elastomers each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, which means that one may be a great fit for one application but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a great fit for your application.

It is important to note that all elastomers offer advantages over virtually all other materials due to the fact that they have all the great properties of plastic such as being recyclable, being able to be molded, reused, and extruded just like plastic.

But at the same time, elastomers also possess a lot of the advantages that rubber offers in that is can be very elastic if required. The elastomer molding process is often done through the injection molding process, but can be done through compression molding or through extrusions and occasionally even achieved through the blow molding process.

The injection molding process is a favorite type of elastomer molding due to the fact that it is an incredibly quick process and is a great economical choice.

Whatever you application may be, the right elastomer molding manufacturer will be able to recommend a specific molding style whether that be injection molding, compression molding, or any other type of elastomer molding.

It all depends on the needs, requirements and specifications of your application along with the properties that you desire for your final product.

Regardless of the process, you can be assured that elastomer molding is a great choice as you receive a product with the advantages of both plastic and rubber molding while the process to create it, consumes less energy and is a great economical choice.

Elastomer Molding Elastomer molding, sometimes referred to as thermoplastic elastomer molding, is the process of creating a product that has the high quality performance similar to that of rubber and the simplicity of the injection molding process all in one.