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Grommet edging is used as protective lining for sensitive components. Motors, electrical cables and various electronic devices benefit from grommet edging as it reduces damage from abrasion, vibration, and day-to-day wear and tear. To successfully provide protection, they are designed with a smooth and soft inner surface. It can be applied to either the component’s surface, or to line the objects that the component comes into contact with. For example, either cable passing through a hole or the hole itself can have grommet edging applied to reduce abrasion. As another example, grommet edging can be used to create a snug fit between two different components, thus absorbing shock and dampening vibration. When grommet edging is applied, it can lead to significant time reduction in assemblies, a safer workplace, prevention of data loss, and reduction of damage costs for equipment.

Grommet edging can also be called plastic edge protection, flexible edging, rubber edging trim, rubber edge trim, wire grommets, caterpillar grommets, railroad track grommets, chicken track grommets, cable bushings, cable pass-throughs and cable grommets. They can be made from rubber or plastic materials, depending on the equipment and the application. Silicone, polyethylene, and nylon are common materials used, and they can be made via plastic or rubber molding. Grommet edging can be designed to withstand other hostile conditions such as extreme temperatures, salt spray, chemical immersion, and high dielectric strength.

Since grommet edging can be found in a variety of configurations, they can be applied in various ways. Some designs can be snapped into place, while others require an adhesive to apply. Most standard grommets can be found in a round shape, but a reputable manufacturer can design grommet edging to fit oddly-shaped holes or components. Since grommet edging is easily customizable and is crucial in protecting equipment, it is important to know your application’s specifications and select your grommets from an experienced manufacturer.